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Meet the team

Get to know the people behind LiveUp.

Meet Hilary

Hi, I’m Hilary. I’m an occupational therapist with over 40 years of expertise in helping people age well. I am passionate about empowering older people to stay independent and at home for longer.

Born in the UK, I have worked as a clinician, manager, and project leader in the disability and aged care sectors.

I have worked alongside researchers to develop and deliver the first reablement service in Australia. I have also worked with WA Health to develop the WA Regional Assessment Services. As part of that, we have embedded reablement strategies for community care organisations.


Meet Tyler

Hi, I’m Tyler. I lead the LiveUp Navigation team. I am based in WA but grew up on the sunny Gold Coast.

I started my career wanting to be a strength and conditioning coach before moving into the more rewarding aged care sector. I have spent the last few years working as an Exercise Physiologist. I provide mobile rehabilitation, exercise interventions, and running group exercise classes for older people living in Australia. 

I’ve seen assistive products make tasks possible and easier. If we can remove the stigma from assistive products, more people will consider using them. That means more people will experience increased independence and live fuller lives.


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The LiveUp Team

Meet our team of LiveUp professionals based across Australia. We work in local communities with large peak bodies and clinical experts to help you stay independent for longer.

Contacting us is easy. You can chat with us online, over the telephone, via email, and in person at events and expos. 

Want to arrange a presentation for your organisation or community group in person or online? Contact the LiveUp Community Engagement team. 


Hi, I’m Kerry. I lead the LiveUp Community Engagement team from Queensland. I’m lucky to work alongside such passionate and enthusiastic people. We're all committed to sharing healthy ageing information with people across Australia.

As a child, my grandmother introduced me to assistive technology. I found her ‘gadgets’ intriguing, giving them fancy names like' picker-uppers’. To me, they were just part of life. I now know that assistive products help people regain and maintain independence. This experience contributed to my decision to complete a social work degree. Since then, I’ve held roles in various industries. These include primary healthcare, aged and community care, marketing and communications, fundraising, and community relations.

I’m excited about creating a healthy ageing resource that will help reshape the way we think about getting older. I plan to ‘walk the talk’ as I, too, apply healthy ageing strategies every day—a gift to my future self.



Hey, I’m Sally, the WA-based Community Engagement Professional for LiveUp. I connect with people to discuss how we can better support healthy ageing in our community. I also speak to older people about LiveUp at community events, presentations, and expos.


Before joining the LiveUp team, I worked in various health promotion roles. I focused on healthy lifestyles, diabetes, and bladder and bowel health. My recent work involved supporting family carers in taking a short break and connecting with one another.


One of the best parts of my role is talking to older people about the use of assistive products. I love hearing about the products that are available and the products they already use. One lady told me she is now able to wear one of her favourite dresses again with the help of a dressing stick. Stories like this show how assistive products can help people regain and maintain their independence.



Hi, I’m Lisa, the NSW-based Community Engagement Professional for LiveUp. I travel around Australia, teaching about independence as we age. You can see me at events where I share helpful tools and information about assistive tech.

I started my career as a pastry chef before studying nutrition. I then completed a Master's in Indigenous Community Health at Sydney University. For the last twenty years, I've worked with charities on nutrition, food security, and health. These include the Healthy Kids Association, the Australian Red Cross, and the Continence Foundation of Australia.

I'm always amazed when I see people get excited about assistive products I show them. They often connect with something, like a car assist handle that a family member has used for years or how handy a kettle tipper is. These things can make simple tasks like driving or making tea enjoyable instead of hard.



Hi, I’m John, the Victoria-based Community Engagement Professional for LiveUp. I work with communities and professionals to promote healthy ageing, social connections, and physical activity.

When I'm not at community events and expos in Victoria, I'm supporting my LiveUp colleagues across Australia. I love presenting at consumer expos and events. It gives me the opportunity to show people how simple assistive products can improve daily living. More than that, they help people regain and maintain independence and dignity.

Before joining the LiveUp team, I spent a decade as a primary school teacher in England and Australia. I also worked in Emergency Management for 000, where I held roles in call-taking, workplace training, and quality improvement.

I like motivating people to achieve their best. I'm thrilled about how LiveUp helps people make the most of life as they age. It's all about living life on their own terms and enjoying every moment.



Hi, I'm Shaz. I'm a LiveUp Navigator based in WA. My job is to help people find resources that keep them engaged with their communities. I love making people feel supported. I'm passionate about helping people understand the power of healthy ageing.


Before LiveUp, I spent a decade working in early childhood education. I then moved into child protection and youth work. Over the past 4 years, I have worked in the aged care sector, supporting unpaid carers caring for family and friends. As a LiveUp navigator, I deliver personalised services that add value to the lives of anyone needing support.


I always encourage people to use assistive products in their homes as I have seen the benefits they provide myself. These simple products help people who use them maintain independence and improve their quality of life.

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Hi, I’m Simon. I work as a LiveUp Navigator here in WA and help people find their way on the website. I wanted to take this role as I've seen the benefits healthy ageing has had on the older members of my family.

Watching people enjoy activities like gardening, sailing, or fixing things around the house has taught me a valuable lesson: You can make your years more vibrant. I've taken this to heart for myself and enjoy passing it on as a Navigator.

Since starting this job, I've been amazed by how many affordable assistive products are available in regular stores. I love telling LiveUp clients about them and helping them see how simple products can improve their lives in so many ways.

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