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We all need a little inspiration from time to time! Learn how to take control of your ageing journey with a range of healthy ageing articles, videos, and information.

We are undefeatable 

Stay active even with a health condition.

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Pole walking

Healthy ageing in motion using walking poles.

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81 and running marathons

Hilary has finished 167 marathons and aims for 300!

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Albany's granny grommets

These older ladies surf together every week!

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Golf for healthy ageing

98-year-old Isabel credits golf for staying happy and healthy.

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World record breaker

71-year-old grandmother breaks powerlfting record.

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Oldest lady loves the gym

111 year old Catherina stays active three times a week.

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Blue zones 

Discover more about blue zones and healthy ageing.

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Pacing the pool

A film about swimming as a source of wellbeing.

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Surfing at 92

Nancy's love for the surf is going strong.

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North Shore Betty

73 year-old Betty says life is one big playground.

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How to move

Experts on exercise that helps with pain and fatigue.

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