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Welcome to the Upside of Ageing

LiveUp is powered by a not-for-profit that is funded by the Australian Government. We're focused on helping people stay independent through healthy ageing.

We've created a comprehensive list of exercise classes, product suggestions, and local groups so you can age your way. Take the free, confidential quiz to see your suggestions.

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What is LiveUp?

LiveUp is an Australian healthy ageing initiative designed to help you stay independent, so you can live your life to the full. Watch the video for more information by clicking the play symbol opposite.

In collaboration with experts, we've designed a quiz to help you find personalised suggestions for healthy ageing. Browse your tailored local exercise classes, suggested assistive products, and social activities in your results summary.

Chat to our team for more information about your results on 1800 951 971 or explore the printable articles on the site. Take the free, confidential quiz to get your suggestions today!

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How it works


Check it out

The LiveUp website has lots of free information about healthy ageing and how you can maintain and even regain your independence.


Take the quiz

Take this free and easy quiz. Some quick questions deliver personalised suggestions for your healthy ageing journey.


Explore your solutions

See tailored suggestions in your local area. Have fun, try new things, find assistive products and connect with your community.

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Age your way

What is healthy ageing?

Healthy ageing means making choices that help you stay independent. By prioritising your health, staying connected to your friends, family, and community, and using simple products and practices that support you every day, you can live your life to the full. Sure, ageing isn’t the most fun thing to talk about, but we're changing the record. You can live it up however you like!

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Your ageing journey

The LiveUp quiz shows you simple suggestions to help you stay independent. These quick confidential questions give you a personalised results summary. You'll find local exercise classes, social activities, and suggested assistive products to choose from. We don't share your information or profit from these suggestions. We're just hoping to help you do the things you want to do, now and into the future.

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Find out how to age your way

Take our easy OpenUp quiz to get personalised advice and see suggested products, services and support in your local area or online.

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Need help?

If you're unsure where to get started or what to do next, we have a team of specialists who can help.